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Stopping the Fleet

In this week's episode of Flophouse Presents: Stopping the Fleet, we discuss...

A little bit of everything and nothing at all. 

We fail at trying to be each other

Taiwan Plane Crash

We discuss ways to get in touch with us

Pickle learns how to pronounce Game Over Greggy and KindaFunnyGames

The Superbowl results

Iceman... Asshole or cool guy?

Some random stuff

Kids toys and ShieldSy's toys

How ShieldSy got engaged

Sex with Disney characters and "brown heads"

More random stuff

Interactions with other bloggers / podcasts 

Pickle video reference is here

Pickle turns into an Apple fanboy

Chris Kyle 

Do you want Flop House Presents Merchandise? 

We talk up Patreon (special thank you video coming soon...)


Even more random stuff 

ShieldSy Stops a Fleet, (click here to learn what a CH53 is)

Pickle turns off the ship's communication

Pier watch gone terribly wrong

Last week's podcast image was made by Calli

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