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Laugh with them, drink with them, crap your pants with them. It’s time to have some fun. They’re just two (sometimes drunk) sailors telling tales and cracking jokes.

Man Grooming

This week Flophouse Presents: Man Grooming

Sober Pickle

ShieldSy Pulls his Back

Pickle goes to California

Hair and grooming

Sorry to our guest that we didn’t have (Wait! No! You wanted to replace ShieldSy)

Toxic gas puts ShieldSy on the couch

How not to wax your chest and other man grooming things

Pickle has finished the Patreon thank you video (now we have to post it)

Over drinking at a wedding


Drinks and Bloody Mary’s



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Stopping the Fleet

In this week's episode of Flophouse Presents: Stopping the Fleet, we discuss...

A little bit of everything and nothing at all. 

We fail at trying to be each other

Taiwan Plane Crash

We discuss ways to get in touch with us

Pickle learns how to pronounce Game Over Greggy and KindaFunnyGames

The Superbowl results

Iceman... Asshole or cool guy?

Some random stuff

Kids toys and ShieldSy's toys

How ShieldSy got engaged

Sex with Disney characters and "brown heads"

More random stuff

Interactions with other bloggers / podcasts 

Pickle video reference is here

Pickle turns into an Apple fanboy

Chris Kyle 

Do you want Flop House Presents Merchandise? 

We talk up Patreon (special thank you video coming soon...)


Even more random stuff 

ShieldSy Stops a Fleet, (click here to learn what a CH53 is)

Pickle turns off the ship's communication

Pier watch gone terribly wrong

Last week's podcast image was made by Calli

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A Letter to Masturbation

In this weeks episode of Flophouse Presents we discuss:

Pickle as CEO

Our week in review

A letter to Masturbation

World Famous Wilgus Burgers

Callie has a bad experience coming home

Pickle has Facebook photo troubles

Podcast listeners and locations

Japan has racesits 

Dinner with the Yakuza

Podcast keywords

Chiefs & Hoes

Sweet Baby Jesus 

Aketiv Brewing peanuts


Discovering the lie of Santa


Superbowl Picks (we recorded this before the game)

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Squirtle the Turtle

In this weeks episode of Flophouse Presents we discuss: 

A shout out to our First Subscriber!

Pickle is back in the gym.

One of our favorite bars in Japan Lisa's Filipino. 

Genitalia art?

What is the Squatty Potty?

Why Pickle's wife hates Pokemon! 

ShieldSy being restricted to the ship for a month.

The Jake's sexiness.

Aketiv Brewery

The Breakfast of Champions.

ShieldSy's BFF & BFFF (Remembering Josh)

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New Beginnings

Welcome to Flophouse Presents... New Beginnings. 

Flophouse Presents is a new weekly podcast about two friends telling ridiculous stories and talking about over the top and sometimes nerdy topics. If you would like to become involved in the podcast check out our Patreon.

In this week's episode, we discuss some of the history between Pickle and ShieldSy. 

Podcasts we listen to:

Pickle: SModcast

ShieldSy: The GameOverGreggy Show


Random show notes:

Sasebo, Japan - http://www.sasebo99.com/english/sasebo_info/index.html

Whacky Jacks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llWk2RYkc7E