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Laugh with them, drink with them, crap your pants with them. It’s time to have some fun. They’re just two (sometimes drunk) sailors telling tales and cracking jokes.

Chipotle vs Chick-fil-a

Flophouse Presents: Chipotle vs Chick-fil-a

In episode 26 we discuss our new years resolutions, books, tools & toys. ShieldSy tells us about his true sports skills and Pickle talks about his 4th of July beat down. We also talk about Bieber and how vulgar thoughts can improve your memory. 

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The Christmas Special

Flophouse Presents: The Christmas Special

In this episode play Jinglballs for a chance to win a Flophouse Presents t-shirt. Be sure to email your photos to fhp@flophousepresents.com or tweet @FlophousePre with #Jingleballs for a chance to win! 

We also discuss Black Pete, the worlds most racists Christmas tradition. Are Elves slaves? Donating trees to zoos. Scary Christmas Tales for kids. And Star Wars!  

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Flophouse Presents: HAZEN-MAN

In this episode we talk about our new shirts! Click here to buy one today!

ShieldSy has an army of swimmers, The end of the Flophouse house, Someones crotch catches fire, We talk about how we got our Mojo on, Our worst hangover moments, Thunderstruck... and we have HAZEN-MAN as our special guest!

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It’s Been Awhile

Flophouse Presents: It's Been Awhile 

Sorry for the lack of shows. ShieldSy has been on the road so blame him. Pickle is the sweet innocent boy in all of this. We are ending Patron for now. Sorry if you like the perks but we feel like we should head in a different direction. 

The audio for this episode is horrendous... ShieldSy has a poor connection on his travels, but it's a fun show nonetheless. 

Bell Atlantic

Flophouse Presents: Bell Atlantic 

Big things are happening in the lives of ShieldSy and Pickle. ShieldSy can't say words (what else is new). Drinking the Kanye West  Hater-Aid. We talk penis science. 

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The 507

This week Flophouse Presents: The 507

We talk about subscribing to clothes, divorcing a sandwich, even more awkward moments with family, how to get your very own pickle surprise, how not to protect yourself online, and guilty dreams. 

This weeks song is "This is War" by Audio Empire. 

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Dogs Eat the Darnedest Things

Flophouse Presents: Dogs Eat the Darnedest Things

Talkin' about teeth, Rings, The ShieldSy Notebook, Pickle decides to take a call, and what dogs eat!

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